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Halftime Talks is aimed at offering stories, insights and ideas to assist us in bringing about our best performance. 

Insights About Halftime Talks

Why use the name Halftime Talks?

Fascinated with sports, i’ve always been intrigued and in awe of how athletes strive to perform at the limits of their ability. Recognizing that daily life should be no different, we must assume that Halftime Talks are essential to the process. By regrouping, rests, and reflecting on what has occurred up to this point, we can chart a path toward the fulfillment of our aspirations.

What's the purpose?

To present a series of compelling perspectives and ideas that can radically shift how we see the world and therefore shifting the results as we begin to engage with it differently. Ideas challenge assumptions, expand our conceptual frameworks and require us to adapt continuously.

What inspired the podcast?

The podcast began as an attempt to scratch my own itch for short-form insightful conversations. The ideas explored through journal writing could now be give a life in the world. Doing so requires refining the idea out of the abstract and into a way anyone uninitiated to the ideas can easily follow.

Why only 15 minutes?

As a 1-man show, there is a tendency for longer length to feel like a lecture. 15-minutes is perfect to express an idea, challenge the listener, and encourage actionable responses without igniting information overload.

Describe the measures of success?

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Who is your ideal listener?

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In the middle of our game of life…


Performance – Game Time

Bring theoretical ideas into a further applied understanding. Each performance provides feedback which informs more clearly which skills are required to bring to the moment. Realized Potential. Readiness. Responsiveness. Agile. Capable of meeting the demand of the tasks set forth.


Perspective – The Vantage

Looking from a different vantage point. Broader. Closer. Wider. Looking at the common experiences in uncommon ways. Sometimes the forced perspective pushes us into new territory.


Passion – The Fuel

Awe, Eager, Fascination, Curious, and Excitement. Being lit up as we are engaged in a subject. Observation, participation, introspection, and anticipation.


Power – Mind Set

It’s only ever the POWER OF…”a state of mind.” Unconditionally reaching to embody a mindset. With ulterior motives or insistence on an outcome. Power of faith, confidence, clarity, playfulness, and curiosity. Power – you do not need high levels of activity while embodying the state to bring about massive levels of outcomes.

One Mission
Celebrating 3 Years
Over 100+ Episodes

An Average of 15 Minute Episodes

Bring the level of performance it’s going to take to win the game.

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