Offering the Invitation

HTT 180 – Offering the Invitation
August 19, 2019 Halftime Talks

“You can lead a horse to water but you can’t force them to drink.”

How many times have we offered sound insights and wisdom to others only for them to step right over it without even slightly pretending to heed it? In a world where you can read “I told you so” easily unspoken on the face of others there must be an alternative that allows us to maintain our balance. The nature of our individual growth and development curates different levels of receptivity to information. We’ve been the horse at the watering hole at many points of our life too. There is an unbreakable cycle to growth that cannot be bucked or skipped.

Upon feeling a recent storm of attachment to someone hear me, I decided to opt out of that previous dynamic altogether. I instead began to devise a new approach. What if I conceptualize my words and actions as an invitation? To go further down the path with me will require you to first respond to the invitation. The invitation is like a trailer selling the movie that. The invitation is not a hard sell or bid to get a fill engagement or commitment. It is only mean to stimulate interest to get you to come on your own terms.

In this episode we explore the idea of offering an invitation for understanding. Enjoy.