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HTT Bonus [B] – 30-Day Impact Challenge & Announcements

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30 Day Impact Challenge


The reason why we are conducting this challenge is because there are so many opportunities available to us that our chronic self-talk denies. Movement toward our desires begins with our engagement. This challenge is built on creating a new relationship with a habit or behavior we feel which could accelerate us down the path. Don’t tackle the most grizzly one out of the gate, choose something in the middle that can give you both the confidence and the momentum to continue.


1. Choose 2 behaviors that if you added to your life would create the impact in your life now

2. Challenge yourself each day to find ways to incorporate it into your daily behavior.

3. In your journal, on your phone or whatever method, take notes on how the process is going. This can be the highs or the lows.

4. Do no beat yourself up. It’s a game. It’s an experiment into your life.

5. Email me at im@rahimrasul.com or tweet me @rahimrasul to check in or pose any question.

Mini-Series within Halftime Talks

For the next few months we are going to author a mini-series within Halftime Talks. This mini-series fits right in with our existing format but each episode will build upon each other. We have a loose outline and I guarantee that it will be an awesome experience. Next weeks episode with be the first in the extensive series.

Ideas Without Action Are Worthless. Engage Now!