HTT 019 – Creativity: Chasing the Critical Mass

HTT 019 – Creativity: Chasing the Critical Mass
May 20, 2014 Halftime Talks


In this episode we are exploring two approaches to creativity, the panderer and the ponderer.

What is the difference between the two? Are you chasing what’s hot to become perceived as hot too? Are you reaching inside looking for your authentic voice that make you distinct?

We have witness this in pop culture so often. Pop culture by definition are the things that have reached critical mass. The leading edge of innovators and early adopters have most likely moved on to something else. In a world where we are fighting to be noticed or compensated for our talent the path to fulfillment take many routes. We each define success uniquely. We measure it according to our personal standards. Therefore, there is not one answer.

The broader question we ultimately come to is how can we sustain our level of fulfillment as an artist. The critical mass is a cruel friend who will move on from you after the hot moves on. And ultimately you’ll be chasing the critical mass again. This defies what creativity is.

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