HTT 047 – Harnessing Momentum

HTT 047 – Harnessing Momentum
May 5, 2015 Halftime Talks

Harnessing Momentum to Our Advantage.

Sometime this can be easier said than done. Momentum is when we get the ball rolling. Releasing the strain from using our will power can work in our favor as if were a ball of destruction on a war path. It then becomes clear that it’s not good or bad. It’s a property of existence that must be used correctly if we are to actualize our deepest desires.

We explore:

1. Momentum

2. Law of Attraction

3. Neutral Force and we give it negative or positive meaning

4. The power of understanding thinking exponentially

As we begin to acknowledge and accept the power of momentum and learn, it is capable of becoming our secret weapon. If were were to fondly look back in our memories and examine when we were at our best, I would suspect that we will find that the level we had achieved was tied to harnessing momentum. Now with these understanding what becomes possible.

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