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HTT 050 – Recognizing, Transforming, and Releasing Fear

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Fear is the reluctant expectation of unintended events and circumstances. Far too often we become paralyzed by the discomfort fear presents. What is fear? Is it natural to mankind? Is it possible to transcend it? In this episode we examine these questions an more.


  • Define Fear
  • Common Fears Identified
    • Flying
    • Public Speaking
    • Death
    • Snakes
    • Heights
  • Fears Precarious Origins
  • Categories of Fear
    • Loss
    • Feeling Inadequate
    • The Unknown
    • Socially Perceived Diminishment
    • Consequences and Reprecussions
  • The Way Fear Shows Itself
  • Fear vs Threat
  • Opportunities within Fear
  • How do we Release Fear