HTT 082 – Communicate Your Strengths

HTT 082 – Communicate Your Strengths
March 8, 2016 Halftime Talks


The Power of Self-Promotion is Real. How do we begin to Communicate your strengths?

We collectively hear the trials of failure often. It’s intermixed with the confusionĀ and inability to understand why it didn’t work out. As we take inventory the principle rationalization given point to forms of incompleteness. I would challenge you to consider something different. What if you were not what they are looking for. Reject takes many forms in our lives and no matter the venue we experience it, it never feels great. As you continue to sharpen your skill, do not neglect another factor that may close the gap of achievement – self promotion.

A core tenant of branding is positioning. Positioning sets the stage for our performance. It directs key elements that validates us without having to boast or come of insecure. As we harness the ability to communicate our strengths to the right audience and key decision makers we afford our talent the ability to be properly seen and consumed.