HTT 105 – 1000 True Fans

HTT 105 – 1000 True Fans
September 22, 2016 Halftime Talks

HTT_ARTWORK_main - Rahim Rasul

In this episode, “1000 true fans,” we explore this theory. Kevin Kelly founder of wired magazine initially published his thoughts on this idea. Within it he described that a fully engage thousand member of audience was capable of providing a years worth of income that was beyond starving artists criteria.

With 1000 true fans that find extreme value in everything that you do, so much that they purchase every product, go to every show, want to be fully engaged, what’s that worth? How do we build that sense of loyalty? If we discover how to build this system, then it’s a perpetual well that we can continue to drink from our entire career.

Join us as we explore this topic in Halftime Talks episode 105.


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