HTT 107 – 2 Week Experiments

HTT 107 – 2 Week Experiments
November 1, 2016 Halftime Talks


One of the most powerful additions to my personal arsenals this year has been the inclusion of 2 Week Experiments. This isn’t a rigid experiment in the scientific sense but a loose and flexible process of testing out hypothesis for performance enhancement.

Are you worth two weeks of probing and searching to end up in a better place than you began. I’ve discovered that there are three valuable parts of the process.

1. The Preparation: This is where all the assumptions are put on the table. I find it to be the most valuable part of the process. It all begins with getting clear on what is important. That activity itself is worth it’s weight in gold. Knowing the metrics for what value is going to serve me no matter what the results of the experiment yeild.

2. The Actual Experiment: This is where the rubber meets the road. How do my ideas play out in the wild. Was my why constructed solid enough to endure the winds of life. Dancing in the feedback will allow  you to continue to tune into the preferred qualities and criteria. Over time your confidence will bloom.

3. The Review: This is the phase of reflection and contemplation. They say in three weeks you can acquire a habit. Are there any aspects you want to continue? If so it may be easier now than ever to adopt the habit. Understanding the value can inform so many all aspects of your life.

I’ll admit some of my experiments are uncomfortable at first and require some getting used to. That discomfort is a treasure trove of valuable insight.

Are you willing to embark on an experiment that may position you to unlock more of your potential? I am. Good luck going forward.


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