HTT 108 – Better Recipes
November 8, 2016 Halftime Talks
Overtime, if we are Sirius with our desire to become better cooks something inevitably happens. Our recipes get better. Yet another thing is really interesting if we examine it. We claim from the onset of creating a functional dish. A dish that works. That we are capable of making the dish. A professional chef may not his head be grudgingly and can see that you didn’t make it but have extreme reservation for calling it any parts good.

Better recipe is my attempt at constructing words around a mindset essential for performing at high levels. Where we will again is not where we will all end up. If we except the standard that we discovered at the start we are doomed to repeat similar results.

It is my desire for you to seek out ways to make your recipe better. Be that the recipe of your fitness, the recipe of your relationships, the recipe for filling your passion, your purpose, or any noble desire you hold.