HTT 111 – Strike While the Irons Hot

HTT 111 – Strike While the Irons Hot
November 29, 2016 Halftime Talks


There is no guarantee that an opportunity will take another lap around the track and present itself to us in the way that it might right now. Time has a funny way of operating. What is here today is not guaranteed to be here tomorrow. Opportunities. Love. Success. Resources. Mentors.

How do we take advantage of these opportunities as they arise and present themselves to us? Understanding the value of striking while the iron is hot is essential.

The phrase strike while the iron is hot has a deep yet simple meaning. Iron is the most pliable when it is at its hottest temperature. As it begins to cool it becomes more solidified and stronger and inflexible. Outwardly it may appear the same but it’s responsiveness to your action has apparently expired. Now from where you stand it is up to you to reignite that flame and work on the new iPhone that will be pliable and hope this time you will take advantage of it.

With in this episode we will examine this phrase in all of its depths. We will take a look at how to recognize these opportunities. We will also see what happens when we go.


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