HTT 119 – 6 Week Cycles

HTT 119 – 6 Week Cycles
January 24, 2017 Halftime Talks


Recently I was introduced to the concept of six weeks cycles by Jason Fried of 37 signals and Basecamp. While hearing him describe it my level of fascination and all went to an all time high. Typically we work with our goals on a yearly basis or if were that much more diligent it can be shorter cycles of quarters or months.

The six week cycle is long enough to hold your attention and to really drive toward impactful change. Having completed my first six week cycle, I realize now the true power of it. By establishing my goals before hand I’m able to prioritize all of my behaviors to the sole purpose of accomplishing what I set out to do for this cycle. Everything else beyond that six week window can wait. It informs choices in heightens clarity in decision-making process.

In this episode we will dive deeper into what the six week cycle is and how you can utilize it and gain all of the ultimate benefits from it.


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