HTT 168 - Why I Run!

Reflecting on the Latest 10.39mi

HTT 168 – Why I Run: Reflecting on the Latest 10.39mi
January 8, 2019 Halftime Talks

Sunday, January 6th started out like any other close to the weekend. It was easily on its way to a lazy Sunday. Over the course of the morning I began noticing people running out the window. One comment led to another. Eventually I was standing at the window counting the number of runners who were committed to getting their movement practice activated.

I’ve grown to appreciate all-weather runners. It’s only recently that I’ve added running into my mix of exercises. I’ve always held a high sense of admiration for runners. Early on I would say that “the ones running aren’t the ones who need to be running.” Little did I know that runners need to run. It creates an appetite in our body that must be satiated. Rain, snow, heat or cold runners run.

Peer from my window, witnessing all manner of runners I was inspired. With a quick wardrobe change I was ready to hit the road. My previous long run ended with a little frustration. Little would I know that my solution to that dilemma would send me on a journey unlike my body had previously know. At the end of the 45:00 min Long Run with Coach Bennett of Nike Run Club, the session ended without logging my last 1/2 mile.

In an effort to outsmart the app this time I found a 90:00min session. I had no intention of running the 90minutes. I merely thought it would give me a cushion to end the session on my terms. I did hold the intention that I wanted to run a little longer than the 6 miles from earlier in the week.

Outdoor running is exhilarating. There is a sense of adventure in exploring places your pedestrian self would never venture. We are using our bodies as the transportation mechanism. The rhythm of our feet striking the ground is centering. The rhythm of our breathing is relaxing. Finding that right pace gives me the sense that I can run forever.

Over the miles I ran and continue to run I am reminded why I run. It provides a window into my mind. Running is never easy. It can become easier through training. We will never eliminate fatigue. The voice in our head is always on standby asking us why we are on the road putting our body through such a grueling task.

Each time I lace up, I am amply aware of what I am getting myself into. When it sucks what version of myself is showing up. The insistence that the fatigue or the chatter go away is nowhere on my list of request. What stands the tallest in my mind it the intention to withdraw the attention from their volume and tune into the calm surety that discomfort cannot dictate my performance. Can I still perform under duress and discomfort?

With Jay-Z’s discography as the soundtrack my mileage began to stack up. I was exploring new neighborhood with a general sense of the route I’d adhere to. Nothing was fixed. If a street looked enticing I took it. 15 minutes turned to 30 and I was still in unfamiliar territory. My body was flying and flowing without any of the signs of fatigue or decline. At 60 minutes in I was in a neighborhood that previous run had taken me.

90 minutes was going to be reached an the question of distance began ringing in my mind. This was the only true chatter that was moving about my mind. Would I run through DUMBO back to the house? Would I run through downtown and double back to the neighborhood?

90 minutes down and I was able to continue the session without a repeat of the previous glitch. 8.3miles down. Could I hit 10miles? There is something big an round about the number 10.

At 1:52:00 I arrived on my porch where I began. 10.39 miles had been logged. It was an overwhelming sensation of all the emotions and physical feedback pouring through me. I was tired. I felt accomplished. I was telling myself a lie that I could probably have run another few miles. Ultimately I was finished. This run was double any previous continuous running effort.

I run to show Rahim Rasul who he really is. The price of the expedition has physically taken its toll over me these past few days since the run. My ankles are sore. Instead of fitting in another run, I’ve stuck exclusively to strength training. The price is worth the reward. I doubt I’ll be remembering the ankles or sores when recalling this 10.39 mile run. These are the priceless experiences that must be relished. The practiced understanding of ideas, hunches are what crystalizes in these kind of experiences. With so much room to grow, I am equipt with new preferences and desires as a result of getting out there in the road.