Rebroadcast McGyver Mentality: Maximizing Available Resources

Rebroadcast McGyver Mentality: Maximizing Available Resources
February 20, 2018 Halftime Talks

Each of us are engaged in our individual journey and it’s understandable that we may become blinded by the enormity of where we are in relationship to our ambitions aim. Our mindset can be oriented in one of two directions: 1. scarcity, 2. abundance. An abundance mentality is capable of seeing the possibilities even amongst the resources which others have long since abandoned and discarded.  Before we can expect things to change we must ignite that change within ourself. As soon as we make a shift, the world responds accordingly. Our mind shifts toward becoming a resourceful surveyor of existing assets. We shift into leveraging and maximizing the available resources.

In this REBROADCASTED episode, we tell the story of a teenage who epitomizes how his clarity of purpose and curiosity drove his ingenious resourcefulness. After listening to his backstory, I realized that there should be no excuses for me to think I am without resources or abilities. I can let go of the perfect vision of what I’ve convinced myself is necessary to proceed forward. This is a feel-good story you will enjoy. Cheers.



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